Yearly Archives: 2013

Working it out

Ghandi said that honest disagreement is a good sign of progress.  A critical view of this statement should lead us into two immediate thoughts, think through my position first and respect those with which I disagree.  Many times on projects … Continue reading

Be Awesome Today

Jillian Michaels, from TV’s Biggest Loser, recently gave a talk in Indianapolis and said something that I thought was very profound.  She said it should be your goal to tell your kids, “Be awesome today.”  It made me wonder, what … Continue reading

Grand pa’s mentor

I love to read Dan Holohan’s articles about growing up in the business and the funny stories that came from him learning his way around.  I am blessed in that I am a fourth generation in the HVACR and Plumbing trades business.  Growing up I … Continue reading

Be a Hedgehog

How do you differentiate?  How do you make a statement?  I have come to agree more and more with the hedgehog principle from the book “Good to Great”.  The point of the principle is to simply find that one thing … Continue reading