Be a Hedgehog

How do you differentiate?  How do you make a statement?  I have come to agree more and more with the hedgehog principle from the book “Good to Great”.  The point of the principle is to simply find that one thing that you can do extremely well and do it over and over and over (ad naseum!).  Know Thyself then repeat. Someone asked Pistol Pete Maravich why he spent so much time with a basketball.  His reply “You don’t get this good wishin'”. I think the point is we cannot all be good at everything.  We all have a network and everyone in that network performs a function.  Some are there to be a friend, some are there to be a banker, a plumber, mechanic, preacher, or any number of other functions. If we continually refine our professional network, the performance of that network and our benefit from our professional network should continue to improve as we improve ourselves.  Seek to be the best hedgehog you can be and see what happens.

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