Is the system as good as it can be?

“What did it save us?” is not the smartest question we can ask about central plant operation.  “What should it have saved us?” is far more dangerous and far more telling.  All too often it is easy to settle for better (comparative) instead of best (superlative).  Why?  Comparative versus bad is an easy gain.  Striving to be the best is difficult, and likely a moving target. 

Very few have the time to optimize every system in the plant.  No head coach has the time, the expertise or the ability to be the best coach at every position on the field, they trust their team of assistants to do it right, their position experts.  Keller-Rivest is here to be one of your knowledgeable assistant coaches, one of your central plant experts.  Let us help you with your central plant pumping, cooling towers, energy recovery and boiler systems.

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