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Can a heated, 12,000 square foot room be comfortable or efficient without a thermostat?


A local heavy truck service firm in Indianapolis, IN, owners of several service facilities in and around Indianapolis built a new, 12,000 square foot full service and repair facility for over the road semi-tractor trailers.  What makes this particular facility unique?  This service garage has a hydronic radiant floor heating system with the heat being provided by a Viessmann Vitodens high efficiency boiler.


Due to the weight of the trucks, the building required an extra thick concrete slab floor that has almost thirty circuits of Rehau ¾” pex embedded in it.  Warm water passes through these pipes, deep in the concrete, gently warming the floor and the entire 12,000 square foot space above.    The Viessmann boiler has a sensor placed outside in the cold air and the integrated Vitotronic control inside the boiler determines the required water temperature based on real time outdoor conditions.


The net result, just the right temperature water given the outdoor condition is supplied to the floor without the need for thermostats, often easily damaged, in the work space.  Eliminating external controls kept equipment cost low and will keep maintenance low for the life of the system.


When asked, several of the technicians commented that the work space is always comfortable, even with the fourteen foot tall bay doors opening and closing.  Once the doors are down, the space comes up to temperature quickly.  Why?  The heat source is the floor, not the air.


Aside from employee comfort, the owner is very pleased with the service center’s energy savings.  The 2014 winter has been extremely cold.  But even with that being true, the fuel bills for the center are very low.  When compared to their other, similar service buildings, this one is heated with about 70% less energy (based on fuel bill comparison).   Because they utilized a high efficiency Viessmann Vitodens boiler, they also qualified for a utility rebate which helped to generate an even larger return on investment.


The net result of this project:  efficiency, comfort and component savings.  Each is a hallmark of a well-designed system, but when combined, are hallmarks of a great system.  A well-built, well executed system is an excellent working reference for Viessmann Manufacturing and the Vitodens Boiler.


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