Working it out

Ghandi said that honest disagreement is a good sign of progress.  A critical view of this statement should lead us into two immediate thoughts, think through my position first and respect those with which I disagree.  Many times on projects there is more than a single “right way” to achieve a project goal.  More than one pathway may even seem like the best approach.  Relationships can crumble when one party refuses to consider the merit of another’s idea leading to problems on this project and all projects moving forward.  If we take the approach that the relationship is more valuable than the problem or the project, we make the team stronger.  Jordan’s Bulls, Gretsky’s Oilers, Montana’s 49ers were all led by brilliant stars, but none could shine without the cast around them.  Did they disagree with their team?  What team does not.  However, they found ways through disagreement and those teams became (arguably) G.O.A.T.’s.  Let disagreement be the catalyst that leads to greatness, not the fuse that ignites the powder keg.

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